1 Hour Full Consultation £85

The consultation will last one hour, a thorough hair and scalp examination will be carried out.

In order to establish an overall view I will ask you about your general health, lifestyle, diet and family health history.

Samples of your hair will be analysed and a letter will be sent to your doctor requesting blood tests or referral if required.

At the end of the consultation, unless awaiting tests results ,a diagnosis will be made and treatment recommended. A follow up consultation maybe required depending on the diagnosis.


30 minutes Follow Up Consultation - £40

A follow up consultation maybe required for some conditions. All registered patients who have undergone a full consultation and diagnosis at the clinic are entitled to a follow up consultation. There is no time scale attached to this service.


45 minute Hair & Scalp Revival Treatments - £45

Exfoliating Treatment - Refreshes the scalp by removing unwanted scaling. This treatment is recommended for anyone suffering from dandruff, eczema and can improve psoriasis.

Stimulating Treatment - Revitalises the scalp to encourage healthy hair growth. This treatment is particularly suitable for anyone who has lost hair due to medical treatment.

* All treatments include deep steam and a 15 minute head massage.


 Home Treatment Plans

 We appreciate that it is not possible to come to the clinic for all your hair and scalp treatments. This is why I have made all clinical treatments and hair maintenance products available for home use.

Each product menu will be carefully put together to suit your specific requirements.


We accept card payments