Trichology is the study of Hair and Scalp problems, this may range from different types of hair loss as well as scalp problems and texture issues. At Scalp Excellence we specialise in all aspects of hair and scalp problems. Many disorders of the hair and scalp are overlooked as they are not considered to be serious, however such conditions can cause severe distress and can have a traumatic effect on a person's wellbeing and confidence. The power of good hair should never be underestimated and at Scalp Excellence, not only we can help but you will benefit from a first class service.

Our aim is to optimise our patients' hair and scalp needs giving genuine advice about the results they can expect to achieve and will only recommend treatments that are essential for the condition being treated to achieve the best results possible. Due to extensive hairdressing background we are able to give advice on how to get the best out of your hair by choosing the correct hairstyle, shampoo, conditioner and styling products suitable for your hair texture. This advice can be particularly helpful for patients with thinning hair.

This is an  exclusive private clinic by appointment only, leaving plenty of time between consultations to make sure no one is kept waiting. You will receive a full one hour consultation in which I will ask you about your life style, diet, medical history and family medical history to ascertain as much knowledge about your general health and genitic family background as possible. I will then carry out a thorough hair and scalp examination to reach a conclusion and diagnose the problem.

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